Group Starter Kit


Group Starter Kit – LIMITED TO 1 PER GROUP

NA White booklet x2
NA Groups & Medication x2
Group Business Meetings x2
Disruptive & Violent Behaviour x2
Principles & Leadership in NA Service x2
GTS Roles & Responsibilities x2
The Group Booklet x1
IP1 x2
IP2 x2
IP5 x2
IP9 x2
IP6 x2
IP8 x2
IP12 x2
IP7 x2
IP11 x2
By young addicts for young addicts x2
IP14 x2
IP19 x2
IP28 x2
IP16 x2
IP22 x2
For parents or gauardians of young people in NA x2
An introduction to NA Meetings x2
IP24 x2
NA World service New Group Registration
A new NA Group checklist
News order form
The NA way magazine
Group treasurers workbook

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This includes items for a group that wishes to run a meeting such as information pamphlets and meeting lists